Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Experiments in Metallurgy

So we built a small forge this weekend. It still needs some refactory cement to fill the gaps between the bricks but with any luck we should be mealting down copper for lost wax casting soon. We also designed and build the table its sitting on. All in an afternoon of mad sciency doom.

The forge will be fairly inexpensive when its done. The bricks we got second hand off craigs list for 2.50 a brick. Which is pretty cheap for firebrick. So a dozzen bricks cost us only $30. The refactroy cement will cost us something like $60 for a 55lb. bag.  Our heat source is a "sidewalk torch" that we got from Harbor Freight for under $20, they have soo many cheap tools. So not counting time and energy the forge itself will cost just over $100 which in not bad at all for a small forge.

Good weekend.