Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Ten does not a study make!

So I've been keeping up on wind turbine news the best I can since they look like a pretty good renewable energy source. Today I saw this article on a wind turbine health scare. It was publised by the Houstan Cronicle and it complete bullshit. The article opens with a sob story about some idiots who are afraid that wind turbines near their home will make them sick. Other than that emotional fuzz the article referneces one study of 10 families living near wind turbines. TEN !!!! for the love of TFSM thats not a study! Its barely qualifies for peliminary reasearch into forming a hypothesis. Even if it turns out wind turbines are bad for people's health ten is not a large enough number to come up with any conclusions. I cannot belive the Dr. Pierpont has the gal to call her ten family investigation a study. And then the Houston Chronicle has the balls to publish it as news! They got one thing right, this qualifies for a scare but only because the Houston Chronicle published it as news. This is BULLSHIT not science or news.

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